Halo – Digital Goniometer and Inclinometer

Halo – Digital Goniometer and Inclinometer

The Next Generation Digital Goniometer

This affordable, proven Australian technology brings precision assessment and confidence to R.O.M. measurements. The Halo is both an Inclinometer and Goniometer. Collimated laser beams project along the full length of a limb to intersect with anatomical landmarks, facilitating repeatable measurements. 

The HALO weighs 85g , measures 87mm x 19mm, making it a one-handed instrument that frees your other hand to steady the patient. Add to this: +/-1° of accuracy; faster measurement; 61mm easy-to-read digital display; no direct skin contact necessary. The HALO lithium ion polymer battery recharges via a micro USB port or standard wall plug.

The manual, standard Goniometer design is over 40 years old and apparently, when used between two therapists, can have an error of up to 35°. The HALO has solved this problem with its 1° of accuracy and its ability to capture any joint range in less than 5 seconds. The HALO is designed to evolve the practice of recording joint R.O.M. with increased accuracy, reliably, and speed.

Halo is :

• Accurate within 1 degree. The new standard has arrived!
• Single-handed to use. So you can write or support your patient.
• Long lasers intersect landmarks for a repeatable measure.
• Pocket size. It is with you when ever you need it.
• Measures in 3 planes. You can take any range, in 5 seconds.
• Durable Casing. To survive that accidental drop from your desk.
• A full charge with normal daily use will last 2 to 3 days

1 year warranty

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For more details contact us as info@medilabindia.com or visit https://medilabindia.com/product/halo-next-gen-digital-goniometer-inclinometer/

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