How Theraputty is useful?

How Theraputty is useful?

TheraPutty is a type of exercise putty that is used in physical therapy and rehabilitation to improve hand strength, grip, and dexterity. It is a soft, pliable material that is available in a range of resistance levels, from very soft to very firm.

One of the primary reasons why TheraPutty is used in physical therapy is to help individuals recover from injuries or surgeries that have affected the strength and function of their hands or fingers. By manipulating the putty, patients can perform a variety of strengthening and range of motion exercises that can help improve their grip, pinch strength, and dexterity. These exercises can also help to increase circulation and reduce stiffness in the hand and fingers.

What are the benefits of Theraputty?

TheraPutty can be formed into the various illustrated shapes, providing a balanced exercise program.
Strengthening opposing muscles maintains a delicate muscular balance which improves one’s dexterity and


Finger Press (Flexion):
Place TheraPutty into the palm of the hand and press fingers through the putty until the fingertips reaches the palm, resulting in a fully clenched fist. Release fingers and roll putty in hands to reshape, and repeat exercise.    


    Individual Finger Extension:

    Bend one finger or thumb so that the fingertip is close to the palm of the hand. With the other hand, wrap a strip of TheraPutty over the tip of the bent finger and grasp both ends.Straighten the finger. Repeat exercise on each finger.

    Thumb Dig (Flexion):

    Roll TheraPutty into a cylindrical shape and let it rest in the palm of the hand. Push thumb through putty until it reaches the palm. Reshape putty and repeat.

    Mass Finger Extension:
    Keep fingers straight while using the palm to roll out a tube of TheraPutty.

    Thumb Abduction:
    Form TheraPutty into a ring. Place ring around the index finger and thumb. Move the thumb away from the index finger. Keep the thumb perpendicular to index finger.

    “Rooftop” Exercise (Intrinsic):
    Form the TheraPutty into a ball. Place ballbetween fingers and thumb. Form a “rooftop” using straight fingers, leaving the thumb underneath. Press all fingers down toward the thumb, keeping fingers straight and together. Reshape putty and repeat pressing down one straight finger at a time.

    Individual Finger Spread (Abduction):
    Place two fingers together and wrap TheraPutty around them, near the fingertips. Try spreading the fingers apart. Repeat, using different pairs of fingers until all of the fingers have been exercised.

    Finger Squeeze (Adduction):
    Roll TheraPutty into a ball and place between two spread fingers. Using a scissors-like motion, try bringing the two fingers together. Repeat using different pairs of fingers until all fingers have been exercised.


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