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    Thera Putty

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    Thera Putty® is a stretchy, silicon-based exercise material used by physical and occupational therapists for hand therapy. It is widely used for rehabilitative purposes after an accident or stroke. Grip strength, finger strength, and fine motor skills can all be improved by the use of hand putty.

    There are different types of TheraPutty® to suit different needs, whether you want to add heat, sensory or aromatherapy to your hand exercises.

    Patients of all ages and abilities can use putty to improve their overall hand strength. With so many great hand putty products available, it can be hard to choose. Here’s a hand putty comparison guide to help you choose the best putty for you.

    Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red

    Sizes: 2oz,3oz, 6oz

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    Thera Putty