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    Cando - Power Web

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    Product description

    Overview: Power-Web stands out as an all-encompassing tool tailored for both exercise and rehabilitation, offering adjustable resistance to cater to diverse needs.

    Key Features:

    • Customizable Resistance: Modify the resistance of the web by adjusting hand positions and/or the depth of finger insertion.
    • Versatile Joint Actions: Enables the replication of various joint movements, including:
      • Flexion
      • Extension
      • Opposition
      • Abduction
      • Adduction
      • Pronation
      • Supination
    • Individual Finger Exercise: Allows for the focused workout of a single finger.
    • Universal Fit: Accommodates hands of all sizes and caters to all strength levels.

    Variants & Specifications:

    • Sizes:
      • Standard: 14-inch diameter
      • Compact: 7-inch diameter
    • Material Options:
      • Low-powder formulation
      • No-latex formulation
    • Special Multi-Resistance Webs: Exclusively available in the 14-inch diameter with a low-powder formulation.
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