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    Product description

    The cooling towel absorbs water and moisture and distributes it evenly throughout the fabric. This regulates the evaporation which keeps the towel cooler for longer periods of time.

    The Perfect Cooling Towel features moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and comfortable for hours, and when you stop feeling cool, simply re-soak it in water, wring it out, and place around your neck.

      • COOLING TOWEL: Innovative reusable towel activates instantly when soaked in cold water. Refreshing!
      • COMES IN REUSABLE D-TUBE: Store your towel when not in use, or transport damp or wet items.
      • UNIQUE PROTECTION: Stays cool longer; Lightweight UPF 45 protections; Chemical and bacteria-free.
      • SOFT: Super absorbent material holds 7 times its weight in water.
      • MULTI-PURPOSE: Sports, Industry, Personal.
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