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    Dorso Lumbar - Anterior Spacer ETHAN GESCO

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    Product description


    Indications Advantages

      • Tumor
      • Post Traumatic Vertebral Deformity (Compression fracture, Burst fracture, subluxation)
      • Osteoporotic compression fracture
      • Acute traumatic fracture
      • Spondylolisthesis
      • Kyphoscoliosis
      • Congenital Vertebral Anomaly
      • Osteomyelitis, remote
      • Interbody fusions for failed posterior instrumentation and fusion
      • Interbody fusions for reconstructive spinal surgery

      • Improves Stability & Support
      • Alternative to grafts
      • One or more vertebral bodies can be substituted
      • Anchors between adjacent end plates of the vertebral bone
      • Hollow Design
      • Corrects misalignment by distraction
      • Distractable in situ
      • Anterior vertebral column is stabilized for load bearing

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