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    Tilt Table Electric

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    Product description

    Size: 190*80*105cm

    Material: Leather,steel

    Adjustable angle:0-90°

    Tilting Tables support a patient from a horizontal plane. From the horizontal position,  electric motor is then activated to slowly initiate the process of transitioning the table from a horizontal plane toward an increasingly vertical standing position, while the patient is properly secured to the table with safety positioning straps. The tilt table relies upon the use of gravity to do it's work. Gravity is known to benefit and support the functioning of our internal organs and physiological systems. Research has proven that extremity weight bearing will improve bone density and joint development. When standing occurs, even from within a partial vertical plane position, our muscles are elongated and physiological respiration and endurance can be improved upon.

    Tilt Table test if Doctors  suspects that neurocardiogenic syncope is responsible for fainting and needs additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. This test allows doctors to evaluate patients cardiovascular response to the change in position in space.  Tilt Tables are often used to acclimate a bed-ridden patient to standing. They are great treatment choices to use for patients who may not be ready to begin standing in a standing frame.

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