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    6D Tape for Knee treatments

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    Product description

    Purpose: A self-care package designed for the alleviation of knee arthrosis, pain, and swelling.


    • Instructions Included: The package comes with guidelines and precut 6D Tape strips for two treatments, each lasting between 3 to 10 days.
    • Therapeutic Design: 6D Tape is tailored for physiotherapy, lymphatic therapy, and self-administered care.
    • Professional Recommendation: Widely used and endorsed by clinical professionals.


    • Drug-Free: A natural solution without any medications.
    • Home Application: Designed for easy self-application at home.
    • Precise Measurements:
      • Two-handled strip of 6D Tape: 120 mm (Package contains 4 pieces).
      • Three-handled strip: 180 mm (Package contains 4 pieces).
      • Width of the 6D Tape: 48 mm.
    • Package Dimensions: 170 mm x 250mm x 6 mm (6.7″x 9.8″x 0.2″).
    • Color: Blue.
    • Treatment Guide: A5-sized instruction manual spanning 4 pages.
    • Material: Made of 98% cotton for comfort and durability.
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