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    6D Tape For Tennis Elbow

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    Product description

    Product Overview: A dedicated self-care package for tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, equipped with 6D Tape strips and a comprehensive treatment instructions manual.

    Key Attributes:

    • Versatile Therapy: 6D Tape is innovatively designed for physiotherapy, lymphatic therapy, and self-administered care.
    • Endorsed by Experts: Widely used and vouched for within the clinical community.


    • Natural Approach: A holistic, drug-free solution.
    • Home Application: Crafted for easy and convenient self-application.
    • Precise Measurements:
      • Dual-handled strip: 120 mm (Set of 2).
      • Triple-handled strip: 180 mm (Set of 4).
      • Tape Width: 48 mm.
    • Package Specs: Measures 170 mm x 250mm x 6 mm.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a classic blue shade.
    • Guidance Included: 4-page A5-sized treatment instruction booklet to ensure effective application and care.
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