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    ACUTENS 1000

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    Product description

    Overview: Experience the power of advanced TENS therapy with Acutens 1000. This 4-channel TENS device boasts acupuncture-like capabilities, blending sophistication with compactness. Its lightweight design, combined with a sleek digital display, makes it perfect for both in-clinic treatments and house visits. Precise manual controls let you adjust frequency and pulse width, ensuring tailored and effective treatments every time.

    Key Features:

    • 4-Channel Intensity Control: Tailor each treatment with independent intensity controls for each of the four channels.
    • Digital Display: Clear and informative digital readouts display the output current for each channel and the ongoing treatment duration.
    • Versatile Settings: Adjust treatment time, frequency, and pulse width to cater to specific patient needs.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Channels: 4 (Independent)
    • Output Current: 0 – 60 mA
    • Output Voltage: 0 – 100 V (Peak to Peak)
    • Treatment Time: Options of 5, 10, 15, 20 Min
    • Frequency: 1 – 200 Hz
    • Pulse Width: 75 – 360 Sec

    Power & Dimensions:

    • Operating Voltage: +12 V AC, 500 mA
    • Power Consumption: 5 W
    • Dimensions: 15.5 x 21 x 6.5 cms
    • Weight: 1.3 Kgs

    Standard Accessories:

    • Silicon Electron Electrodes: 4 Units
    • Patch Chords: 4 Units
    • Belts: Small & Medium Sets

    Clinical Applications: Ideal for treating a range of conditions including Phantom Limb, Lower Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cervical Osteoarthritis, Lateral Rib Cage Pain, Degenerative Arthritis (Cervical & Lumbar), Herpes Zoster Neuralgia, Acute Muscle and Ligament Tears (Ankle), Wrist Pain, and more.

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