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    Aquaflex - Pelvic-Floor-Exercise-System

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    Overview: Endorsed by physicians and physiotherapists, Aquaflex offers a dynamic approach to Kegel exercises. Comprising two vaginal cones and a set of weights, it facilitates the natural contraction of pelvic floor muscles, promoting strength and tone.

    Key Features:

    • Intuitive Design: Simply insert the weighted cone into the vagina, and the pelvic floor muscles instinctively contract around it.
    • Time-Efficient: Commit just 20 minutes a day for optimal results.
    • Progress Tracking: Witness noticeable improvements within 12 weeks of daily use.
    • User-Friendly: Cones are equipped with cords for effortless removal.
    • Comprehensive System: Set includes two cones and four weights (5g, 10g, and 2 x 20g).
    • Automatic Targeting: When positioned correctly, Aquaflex cones instantly focus on and contract the pelvic floor muscles.
    • Customizable: As muscle strength augments, weights can be progressively added.


    • Clinically Proven: In 70% of stress incontinence cases, measurable improvement or cure is observed with the usage of weighted vaginal cones.
    • Empowering: Provides a natural, safe solution, allowing women to regain control.

    How It Operates: Insert the vaginal cone akin to a tampon. This induces an automatic contraction around the Aquaflex, fortifying the pelvic floor muscles. As strength grows, more weights can be added, and the cone can remain in place for up to 20 minutes daily.

    Safety Advisory:

    • Usage Restrictions: Avoid using Aquaflex® vaginal cones during pregnancy, menstruation, in the presence of a prolapse, or during a vaginal infection.


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    Aquaflex - Pelvic-Floor-Exercise-System

    Rs. 12,500.00