Bubble Tube: The Ultimate Sensory Experience

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    Product description

    Overview: Elevate any sensory room or environment with our captivating Bubble Tube. Designed with ever-changing colors and bubbles, this tube offers a mesmerizing and calming experience that children adore.

    Key Features:

    • Dynamic Color Changing: Seamlessly transitions through a spectrum of colors, enhancing the ambiance of any space.
    • Calming Effect: The gentle movement of bubbles coupled with the shifting colors creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.
    • Generous Size: Standing tall at 1.2 meters (120cm), this tube is a striking addition to any room.
    • Sleek Design: Features an iconic bubble lamp design with a modern silver base.
    • Vibrant Artificial Tropical Fish: Adds an element of wonder as they appear to float among the bubbles.
    • Customizable Bubble Stream: Comes with an integrated controller allowing you to adjust the bubble stream to your preference.


    • Lighting: Energy-efficient color-changing LED lighting.
    • Power: Mains Powered.

    Enhance your sensory space with this enchanting Bubble Tube, creating moments of tranquility and wonder for all to enjoy.

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