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    Button Hook

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    Product description

    Button Hook Minimize the challenge and frustration of buttoning clothes by grasping buttons with a wire loop instead of fingers to pull the button through the buttonhole. Button Hook dressing aid encourages independence in the elderly, individuals living alone, or anyone needing to help with buttoning.

      •  A patented soft, ergonomic, non-slip handle requires less hand strength and minimizes stress on fingers and hands compared to standard button helper tools.
      • To assist in maintaining grip for people experiencing stiffness, numbness, muscle weakness, fine motor coordination challenges, post hand or shoulder surgery.
      • Smooth, semi-flexible wire squeezes through small buttonholes, yet is firm enough to retain a narrow shape at the tip to keep the button properly positioned through the buttonhole. Simply insert the wire through the buttonhole, hook-loop over and under the button, then slide both hook and button back through the hole.
      • Portable enough to take to the gym, office, shopping, or pack for travel. Satisfaction guaranteed.
    Note:  With practice, Good Grips Button Hook can make buttoning a fast and easy task.

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