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    Dolosal 30's

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    DOLOSAL Capsules is the management of Arthritis.

    Dolosal is a composition of salai Guggul 400mg + Erand 100mg

    Salai Guggul :

    * Works by improving blood flow to the joint

     - Helps to maintain healthy joint movement.

     - Helps to enhance muscle health and flexibility.



    * Offers potent analgesic and Anti-arthritic effect

     - Reduces inflammation and swelling of joint.


    Boswelllic acid & Eranda :

    * Remove uric acid deposits in gouty Arthritis.


    Indication :

    1. Chronic OA & RA

    2. Myositis & Fibrositis

    3. Gouty Arthritis

    4. Spondilytis and other inflammatory conditions of joints.


    Its a relieves pain and restore mobility.


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    Dolosal 30's

    Rs. 264.00