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    Ear Education Model

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    Product description

    The model is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material, computer color matching, high-grade hand-painted Almost true display of human ear structure, and which is corrosion resistant, light and high strength etc Features.  Different colors are used to distinguish different positions, and the colors are bright and easy to attract students' attention, so you can to teaching demonstration, which promotes students' understanding and increases classroom.

    •  Human Ear Model Was Developed With Expert Support In Anatomy It Provides Stunning Details And Gives You An Amazing Visual Overview Of The Complex Details Of The Human Ear Is a rare aid for your related knowledge research
    •  6X life-size, shows external, middle and inner ear, Several times magnification, the proportion of each part is correct, the shape is realistic, clearly show the ear canal, easy to observe and learn It is a rare auxiliary tool for your practical learning Size: Length about 28CM, width 18CM
    •  A variety of scope: it can be used not only as a learning tool for students, a teaching tool It is also as a communication tool for doctors and patients Enough to satisfy anyone interested in the human ear.
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