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    Product description

      • Reduced resistance levels for a softer feel
      • Smoother, tack-free surface thanks to a new surface modification process
      • Made of a non-allergenic polymer that will not crack, leak, or melt.
      • Can be heated to provide additional relief for arthritic and injured hands
      • Latex-free

    Redesigned with enhanced visual and tactile appeal. Ergonomically shaped for hand, finger and wrist rehabilitation and strengthening. Four color-coded progressive resistances

    Use Eggsercizer to help: Rehabilitate post-operative and post-traumatic hands and arms; Restore function in hands, arms and shoulders following a stroke; Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers, hands and wrists; Relax tense, sore muscles and reduce stress; Strengthen aging hand and arms.

    Great for stress relief!

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