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    Product description

    The Interferential stimulator is a dual-channel electronic unit. It incorporates a digital display that indicates the operational modes and the output. It is equipped with an 8-bit microcomputer for controlling the system. The intensity, duration, frequency, and modulation of the electrical impulses can all be adjusted. The stimulator uses 4 electrodes producing deeper stimulation when compared to other types of electrical stimulation.

       IF-908 is the interferential stimulator (IF) device which is a battery-operated device that includes two controllable output channels. Amplitude, mode, and duration of the electrical impulses can be altered with the buttons or knobs. The biggest difference between TENS and IF is the rate. The pulse rate of IF is around 4000-4100 Hz which is much higher than TENS (2-150 Hz). This high-frequency stimulation can easily pass through the skin and reduce pain more effectively.

    IF-908 provides effective interferential stimulation treatment for the relief of chronic pain, especially for aching muscles of the back, arms, or legs. The controls are protected by a cover in order to prevent accidental changes to the settings. With 9 IF modes and premium quality adhesive electrodes, IF-908 provides you the highly effective nerve stimulation for pain relief and pain management.


    2 Channels


    An adjustable 0-60mA peak into 500-ohm load each channel, constant current


    10.7cm(L) x 6.2cm(W) x 2.7cm(H)


     Approximately 150 grams (battery included)

    Carrier Frequency

    4000Hz fixed (CH1)
    Modulating Frequency 4004-4160Hz, Adjustable (CH2)

    IF Frequency Modes

    Constant Mode Constant stimulation 4-160 bps, Adjustable
    Auto Sweep 4-45 bps, 80-145 bps, 4 SET bps
    Interference Pulse Frequency 4-160 bps, Adjustable, 4 bps/step
    Output Configuration Quad polar (4 electrodes)
    Wave Form Symmetrical Balanced Sine Wave
    Sweep Time 15 seconds
    Pulse Duration 125 us maximum
    Patient Compliance Meter Display total treatment time
    Timer 15, 30 minute select able
    Max Charge Per Pulse 15 Micro-coulombs Maximum
    LCD Displays mode, bps rate, abrupt/ramp, timer, and channels
    Low Battery Indicator A low battery indicator will show when the battery is low
    Power Source 9V Battery/ Adapter
    Tolerance There may be 10% tolerance of settings and 20% tolerance of output
    Lock Prevents the patient from accidentally changing any of the set parameters
    Frequency Shift Five modes, 1/1 abrupt shift, 6/6 abrupt shift, 6/6 ramped, 10/10 abrupt shift, 10/10 ramped, bps can be adjusted
    Frequency Shift Percent Frequency shifts from 30% below the set frequency to 60% above and then return to 30% below the set frequency
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