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    Exercise Band Latex-Free

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    Product description

    This muscle group is significant because it supports our larger muscles and joints when we move, and helps reduce the risk of injury. So they are a safe and low-impact option for older people and are often used for rehabilitation.


    Mylala Exercise Band-Latex free-Textured Surface
      • Special and comfy texture, 

      • Non-protein allergy

      • Non-slippery, Non-Sticky, Non-Stinky

    • Colorful, Various strength sizes
    Caution : 
      1. Avoid sharp objects that may puncture or tear the band.

      1. Check the product before and after each use.

      1. Do not use if torn, punctured, or nicked.

    1. Children under 12 should only use it if directed by a doctor or under adult supervision.
    Available sizes:
      1. Rehab        -   Blue  -           1.5 meter

      1.  Easy          -   Purple          1.5 meter

      1.  Medium    -  Coral             1.5 meter

      1. Medium     -  Turquoise     1.5 meter

      1. Hard           -  Green             1.5 meter

      1.  Hard         - Pink                 1.5 meter

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