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    Floss Resistance Band

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    Product description

    Floss Resistance Band is a muscle pain relief band. Also known as muscle flossing or tissue flossing, voodoo flossing is a compression therapy technique. It uses a heavy-duty resistance band typically made of latex rubber to compress a joint or muscle group while performing certain movements through a full range of motion.


    The included studies revealed that there is evidence that a single floss band treatment is able to increase the range of motion of the related joint and can positively affect jumping and strength performance. However, these findings show only small to moderate effect sizes.

    Resistance Band for Muscle Relief
      • Material: Latex-free

      • Surface: Smooth or Textured Surface

      • Various colors and Sizes are Available

      • OEM Service Available

    *Advice to use with the help of healthcare 

    the provider or physical therapist.

    Available Sizes :

    size                             color

    1. Narrow       -          Emerald.

    2. Standard      -        Blue.

    3. Long           -           Blue.

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