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    Product description

    These mattresses can absorb not only the sweat of the sleeper but also moisture from the air around it. This humid air can easily percolate through the dense network of the mattress and thus keeps the mattress moisture-free. Therefore, skin doctors highly recommend sweaty sleepers to use coir mattresses.

    The coir bed mattress gives good support to the body. It is an Eco-friendly mattress made of non-harmful material. It has an anti-dust quality, which is why it is beneficial for those people who are suffering from dust allergies. Firm comfort is what you can expect from the coir mattress because it has a soft texture, while foam mattress offers medium support. In a hot season like summer, mattresses like foam are not able to perform well and offer hotness while coir matter is more relaxed even in summer.

    Benefits of Coir Mattress
    • Eco-friendly Nature – Since coir mattresses are made of natural fibers obtained from coconut, these mattresses are completely Eco-friendly. 
    • Hygroscopic Nature – Due to the mesh of the coconut coir in the mattress, circulation of air or even moisture for that matter becomes easy.
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