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    Product description

    Stainless Steel Goniometers provide convenient measurement results. Great for diagnosis and tracking the progress of therapy, the Goniometer is crafted from high quality materials to ensure long life in all medical and clinical applications. The  Goniometer is a perfect therapy and treatment solution and is ideal for hospitals and clinics.

    Professional quality stainless steel goniometer.
    Clearly marked degree increments.
    Range from 0 – 360 degrees.
    Arm tension can be controlled by thumb knob.

    Using the recommended testing position, the patient’s proximal joint is stabilized while the practitioner gently moves the distal joint through the range of motion until it is determined to find the end range. Aligning the goniometer, the practitioner makes a record of the starting measurement. Then following through the available range of motion, the goniometer is used to read and record the results.

    SIZES: 90degree, 180 degree , 360 degree available.

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