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    Product description

    Halo is

    • Accurate within 1°
    • Easy to read digital screen
    • One-click measurements
    • FDA and TGA approved
    • Take any measurement in less than 5 seconds

    Make the switch from the manual goniometer to Halo for speed, accuracy, and reliability.


    • An all-in-one ROM measurements device tool approved by the FDA and TGA
    • Most accurate measurements device on the market – accurate within 1 degree
    • The base provides stability for standardizing ROM measurements with two points of contact
    • Class 1 lasers provide increased accuracy for aligning with anatomical landmarks
    • Single-handed, 2 click process dives efficiency moving through assessments, with reliable results
    • Education videos with Kinesics using HALO earn you, continuing education credits

    HALO Medical Devices Innovates Tools for therapists in the areas of Elite Sport, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation and Animal Physiotherapy. Our aim is to deliver evidence-based tools that serve the patient and professional. Designed by the professional for the professional. We aim to improve Healthcare by connecting patients and therapists through our technology.


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