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    HS-CAL TAB 10'S

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    Calcium Citrate 1000mg + Vit D3 400 IU + Magnesium 100mg + Zinc 4mg

    Highly Soluble CALcium

    Calcium Citrate

    • Highly soluble and better absorbed than Calcium  Carbonate
    • 2.5 times higher bioavailability than Calcium Carbonate
    • Lesser chances of forming renal calculi unlike other calcium salts
    • Does not interfere with iron absorption
    Vitamin D3
    • Stimulates Calcium absorption
    • Regulates Calcium metabolism
    • Helps to optimize calcium utilization and bone mineralization
    • Improves osteoblastic activity
    • Pregnancy & Lactation v   Osteoporosis v Fractures
    • Calcium Deficiency States

    Dosage : One tablet daily

    Advantage of 400 IU of  Vitamin D3

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    HS-CAL TAB 10'S

    Rs. 88.00