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    Hydraulic Pinch Gauges

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    Product description

    Hydraulic Pinch Gauge uses a hydraulic system to assure convenience, product reliability and measurement accuracy and repeatability. Therapist can support the pinch gauge during testing, yielding a more accurate result for all pinch tests. A pinch meter is a medical instrument that is used to test digital strength in the form of three different types of pinches. The 3 point/3 jaw chuck pinch can be used to screen for median nerve injuries or carpal metacarpal degenerative joint disease.

    Use for tip, key and palmer tests. Maximum reading remains until the unit is reset.The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. CE Certified. Comes in a protective carrying case. 

    How to evaluate pinch strength using a mechanical pinch gauge
      1. Hold the unit in one hand at the bottom of the frame.
      1. Turn the outside dial to set zero in line with black indicator.
    1. Turn the top dial (the red indicator) until it is one measure in front of the black indicator.
    Norm Table for Palmar Pinch or 3-Point Pinch (measured in pounds)

    Age Hand Mean
    L 25.1
    30-34 R 24.7
    L 25.4
    35-39 R 26.2

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