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    Key Turner Holder (2 Key)

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    Product description

    Key Turner Holder Holds two keys and includes a tightening lever that keeps keys in position and simplifies adding or removing keys. fits most standard keyholes. Position keys separately for use or lock them into handles at specific places for easier distinguishing, one key slot measures 2mm wide & the other measures 3mm wide.

    • Easy to turn handle makes opening locked doors easier for the elderly and disabled with hand arthritis, carpal tunnel, or wrist pain.
    • The Blue, lightweight, non-latex device comes with a tightening lever to lock keys in place and simplify the adding or removal of keys
    • Can hold 2 Keys.
    • Holds one key in place using a screw and allows the key to be turned into a lock easier for those with limited wrist function when turning.
    • Ideal for people with arthritis or other grasping difficulties.
    • Not for use with car keys that have plastic headcovers.
    • Material: Plastic.
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