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    Kinesio Tape Pre Cuts

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    A perfect supplement to your patient care! Under the care of a medical practitioner, patients can learn to apply Kinesio® Tex Pre Cuts in between visits for increased comfort. It's not a simple as "slapping" on a piece of tape. Our step-by-step instructions are for some of the most common injuries and conditions, in easy to understand instructions. Our step by step instructions for some of the most common injuries and conditions, often a remedy for your patients in between visits.               

    • Kinesio Tex Pre-Cuts are made for Kinesio Tex Classic Tape
    • High Grade Cotton for Breathability and Comfort
    • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
    • Water Resistant            
    • Each Kinesio Pre-Cut Application comes with an I Strip, Y Strip and or Fan Cut with Rounded Edges that can be Customized for Small, Medium or Large Patients
    • Can be used as a Preventative Measure or for Recovery
    • Recommended to use with Paper-Off Tension
    • Can be Used for:
      • Lower Back Strain
      • Shoulder impingement
      • Neck Strain
      • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
      • ACL Knee Support
      • Plantar Fasciitis


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    Kinesio Tape Pre Cuts