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    Kinesio Tex Gold FP: Black

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    Product description

    Kinesio brings you Kinesio® Tex Gold FP. Backed by research and development since the early 1970s, Kinesio continues to make advancements in technology that continue the Re Evolution and fulfill the original vision; Taping the World for Health. The famous wave pattern provides enhanced and patented Fingerprint [FP] technology and a patented Nano Touch stimulation to the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin. Kinesio® Tex Gold FP mimics a gentle human touch while providing a Micro-Grip™ deep set adhesive, applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in improved grip and hold with less adhesive surface area.


    Highest Grade Cotton with Improved Breath ability

      • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
      • Water-Resistant
      • Targets the Epidermis, Dermis, and Fascia
      • Protected Weave Process Provides Improved Comfort
      • Patented Technology
      • For Optimal Results Apply Between 0 – 25% Tension
      • Recommended for EDF™ Taping Applications for Pain Management and Edema
      • Made is the US
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