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    Laser Scanning

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    Product description

    TECH LASER SS is a sophisticated microprocessor based scanning LASER machine. This machine scans the area of treatment automatically hence it is very easy to use and very effective for treating larger areas such as shoulder and lumbar region without strain for the operator.

    Simple controls and bright LCD display enables the user to set treatment parameters in less than a minute. Continuous and pulsed modes of operation with up to 5000 HZ pulsing.

    TECH LASER SS is used widely in wound healing, pain relief, inflammation reduction.

    A list of few conditions effectively treated by TECH LASER SS :
    + Wound Healing : Diabetic foot ulcers, Leprosy wounds, Gangrenes, leg ulcers
    + Pain Relief        : Osteoarthritis, Tennis Elbow, Lower Back Pain, Repetitive stress injuries
    + Inflammation Reduction : Rheumatoid arthritis, Tendonitis, Myositis

      • COMBINED OUTPUT – TECH LASER SS produces combined output of Visible red & Infrared LASER which is highly beneficial.
      • LASER OUTPUT AS PER INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS – Visible Red 650 NM 24 Milli Watts and Infrared 830 NM 120 Milli Watts.
      • DELIVERS EVEN POWER DOSE AND PROMOTES FASTER HEALING – Unlike probe based LASER this scanning laser machine scans the area of treatment automatically and delivers even dose to the treatment area thereby promoting faster healing.
      • MERIDIAN POINT DETECTOR –Very useful to detect Acupuncture points, meridian points & point of maximum inflammation and then deliver LASER dose precisely.
      • EASY TO USE – Computerized control panel with independent controls for X and Y axis enables user to set treatment parameters easily and quickly. Automatic Electronic treatment timer.
      • EASY TO MOVE – The machine is mounted on castor wheels stand for easy mobility.
      • KEY OPERATED SWITCH – Prevents unauthorized operation.
    • LASER GOGGLES FOR PATIENT AND OPERATOR  – supplied with the machine.
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