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    Medicine Ball Gymnic (Heavymed)

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    Product description

    The Heavy med balls, which are designed for group or individual training, concentrate their weight in a compact volume. They are filled exclusively with water. Their surface allows achieving a good grip. Thanks to their resiliency they do not damage the surfaces when they hit the ground. A booklet with some exemplifying exercises is included in the package.

      • MATERIAL: Latex-free, small rubber medicine balls.

      • USED FOR: Strengthening exercises, especially core strength drills

      • IDEAL: For power exercises & plyometric drills

      • SIZE: Choice of 6 sizes & weight

        • For strengthening exercises, especially core strength drills.

      • Can also be used for power exercises and plyometric drills.

          • 500g/10cm (green) --- Price-1560/-

          • 1kg/12cm (red)  --------Price-1845/-

          • 2kg/15cm (yellow)-----Price-3120/-

          • 3kg/17cm (blue) -------Price-4625/-

          • 4kg/20cm (purple)----Price -4765/-

          • 5kg/23cm (orange) --- Price--5780/-

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