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    Ortho Heating Mat

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    Product description

    We are delighted to launch the Or tho Heating Mat - An ideal full-body heating mat to improve blood circulation and keep your entire body warm. This product is scientifically designed to provide a warm and sound sleep during cold winter
    nights. Heat therapy relaxes tired muscles and eases stiffness.

    A revolutionary way to improve blood circulation & keep your body warm.

    Product Features:

    • Heat therapy relaxes tired muscles.
    • It radiates heat from beneath.
    • Is ideal to relieve back pain, muscle stiffness, soreness, joint pain & cramps.

    Ideal for:

    • Under-bed warmer.
    • Hospital or Medical.
    • Child-care units.
    • Anesthesia.
    • Post recovery room.

    Applications :

    1. Clinical heating mat to provide warmth during cold and clinical treatments.

    2. Useful to beat the extreme cold temperatures in certain areas during the winter.

    3. Helps to avoid hypothermia by maintaining body temperature in child care units for pre-term babies and during surgery.

    4. Ideal to use in case of reversal of anesthesia and post-surgical recovery.

    Safety Information :

    1. Do not fold the heating mattress while it is warm, as it burns the circuit.

    2. Temperature Control Extension Box should be on the head side of the bed.

    3. Do not get water onto the mat or do not use it with wet hands.

    4. Always keep yourself hydrated while on heat therapy.

    About this item :

    • Electric Blankets Are Thoroughly Tested & Are Shock Proof, Fire Resistant & Overheat Protected
    • Low power consumption
    • Provided with outer protective cove made up of High-Quality Fabric.
    • Controller: Temperature Regulating Box helps adjust the temperature as per your comfort & also allows
    you to easily turn on & off the electric blanket.
    • Auto-cut off to avoid overheating
    • Instant Heating
    • 100% safe and secure

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