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    PHYSIO ROLL Gymnic

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    Product description

    The Physio Roll was born from joining two balls together and creating a tool which allows for a great use variety and a higher stability as against the ball. It has been used in the physiotherapy sector for many years and it is ideal for those who have coordination and balance difficulties, for disabled people, for elderly people, and also for nursery schools. This product belongs to the Medical Device Class I.

    The small size Physio Rolls are used also for pets with movement, reflex and stability deficiencies, as well as for behavioral problems and post-operative rehabilitation.

    Warning! In case of puncture the ball bursts. Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects.

    Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

    • Recommended weight: max. 120 kg – 270 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 300 kg – 660 lbs.

    The Physio Roll is a peanut shaped "ball" available in primary colors. Depending on need it can offer a more stable base for balance and strengthening work, or it can be used vigorously to challenge postural reflexes. Used by Physical Therapists worldwide, the Physio Roll offers stability and treatment options for more physically challenged patients. It's unique shape allows a therapist to work on activities that otherwise may be somewhat risky on a traditional therapy ball. The "saddle-like" seat provides stability, comfort and confidence so clients of every age and nearly every diagnosis may participate in ball therapy. The "double balls" area ideal for the use in therapy, especially for the work with people who have problems with balance and coordination. The therapist can sit on the ball and control the patient's movements. Big in volume but light in weight. One of the most popular brands used by therapist

    30cm Ball inflates to 12" (20" x 12" x 12")
    40cm Ball inflates to16" (26" x 16" x 16")
    55cm Ball inflates to 22" (36" x 22" x 22")
    70cm Ball inflates to 28" ( 46" x 28" x 28")
    85cm Ball inflates to 34" (52" x 34" x 34") 

    Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

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