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    Posterior Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion Cage RECAGE

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    Product description

    • PLIF technique

    • Use in pairs or individually

    • Bridging of the intersomatic space

    • Reconstruction of the vertebral column profile

    • Reconstruction of the intersomatic space

    • Stabilization of the anterior column

    • Supporting the consolidation of introduced bone material

    • Reconstruction by instrumentation necessary, for example using a pedicle scew / rod system

    • Optimized cage design

    • Superior blood supply to the transplanted bone resulting from large bone-to-bone contact areas

    • Dislocation protection by groove structure

    • Large radiological window for fusion control

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    • Instability / Trauma

    • Deformity

    • Degenerative spine

    • Scoliosis correction

    • Spondylolisthesis

    • Kyphoscoliosis

    • Sacral Fixation

    • Reconstrution

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