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    Protolife-D 200gm

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    Product description

    Diabetes Nutritional Supplement


    • Slowly digested to attain extended glucose release
    • Reduces hypoglycemic events

    Dietry Fibre

    • Delays glucose absorption
    Protein (Soy)
    • Increases insulin response without increasing the plasma glucose concentration
    Healthy Fat, PUFA & MUFA
    • Reduces Cholesterol and lowers the risk of CVD
    Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals
    • Reduces oxidative stress caused due to hyperglycemia
    • Prevents micro and macro vascular complications
    • Diabetes
    • Prediabetes

    Directions for Use

    2 table spoonful (Approx. 30g.) twice daily with milk or water. Do not add boiling milk or water.

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    Protolife-D 200gm

    Rs. 295.00