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    Pulse Cold Compression Therapy System

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    Product description

    Pulse Cold Compression Therapy system is mainly used for postoperative care and acute to reduce edema,swelling and pain. It can be used in hospitals,Outpatient clinic,sports training,and at home under the guidance of a medical professional.


    1.Pregnant women,patients with hypertension,diabetes and circulatory disorder,please use it after consulting a doctor.

    2.Do not use on the site with open wound.

    3.Do not use if you are inolerant of cold compress.

    4.People with vascular diseases should not use this product.


    1. Shoulder Cuffs.

    2. Knee Cuffs.

    3. Ankle cuffs.

    4. Back Wrap.

    Specifications :

    AC power: 100-240V ,50/60Hz  DC Output: 12V/2A

    Pressure Level: 60mmHg-120mmHg

    Temperature Level : 0 Dgree-25 Degree C

    Noise : Below 50 Decibels  Weight : 1.78Kg

    Capacity: Maximum 3.6L


    1. Cooler will not turn on ;

    a) Please confirm that the power plug is normally inserted into the power supply.

    b) Please confirm that the power connector and the power connector of the host are normally connected.

    2. There is water on the surface of the wrap :

    a) Please confirm whether it is condensed water.

    b) If the wrap leaks ,do not use it.

    3.Loud noise during work:

    a)Running for 2-3 minutes ,the noise will be reduced.

    b)If the noise is always very loud ,please stop using it,.



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