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    Product description

    Shockwave therapy machine  Pro 1000 is unique in its technical characteristics equipment that can convert electrical current into low-frequency acoustic pulses of considerable amplitude. The device is designed for complex influence on body tissues and conducting highly effective treatments.

    Shockwave Therapy is a great machine even for manual therapists as it saves their hands and also a lot of your energy and time. This fine and effective way to break adhesions is a much needed device in every clinic.

    Shockwave Therapy produce Radial shockwaves. They are called Soft Shockwaves and penetrate deep and effectively without focusing energy at a single point. This is the best and most effective technology used in pain management. Patients feel very comfortable during the treatment and pneumatic shockwaves have much wider range of applications.

    First Guidance Based Shockwave

    • Step by step guidance of all muscle groups to treat.
    • User can modify or skip any step.
    • Automatic selection of applicator.

    Easy to use touch interface

    • Easy to use touch interface.
    • Indications by regions.
    • Exhaustive list of indications.
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