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    Shortwave Daithermy Unit - Technomed

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    Product description

    This new elegant High-power Shortwave Diathermy unit mounted on wheels for easy mobility with Disc and Pad Electrodes is easy to handle and a sturdy equipment. High frequency current at 27.12 MHz. with maximum power output of 500W is produced by Valve generator. High Quality RF Circuitry produces efficient output with less heating of the system.

    The equipment has separate indicators and switches for high tension and low tension current. A meter which indicates the peak current in mill ampere facilitates easy tuning and operation. The H.T. is switched off automatically after the treatment time is over.

    • ADJUSTABLE ARMS WITH DISC ELECTRODES– : The disc Electrodes are fixed on a flexible multi position arm. It is easy to adjust the electrodes over the area to be treated on the patient. The angle of the arm and height can also be adjusted.
    • PAD ELECTRODES: – The unit is supplied with Pad Electrodes.
    • COOLING SYSTEM – A special instrument cooling fan is provided inside the equipment to cool the valve from over-heating. It also enables the equipment to be used continuously on patients.
    • DIGITAL TREATMENT TIME– Microprocessor controlled digital display of treatment time. The output is switched off automatically after the treatment is over.
    • SMART TECHNOLOGY– The machine will not produce output until the PAD/DISC Electrodes are connected to the machine and the patient is loaded.
    • SAFETY FEATURE– This high power machine is well built with high quality isolations of high tension cables and grounding of the cabinet to prevent fatal shocks incase of leakages. The input fast blow fuse protects the patient as well as the machine.
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