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    Standing Frame

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    Product description

    Height: 102-122cm

    Size: 76*84*102-122cm

    Material: composite board, steel, leather\

    Load capacity: 135kg

    standing frames are used by individuals who are unable to stand independently because of a disability. There are many benefits of using a standing frame, including:
    • Allows time to be spent in a standing position rather than being sat in a wheelchair or lying in a bed
    • Standing strengthens virtually every muscle in the body. The feet, legs and abdomen are used and strengthened every time a person stands
    • Bone density is improved by standing, particularly in the feet, legs and spine
    • The occurrence of Scoliosis (or curvature of the spine) is reduced by using a standing frame
    • Using a standing frame has positive impacts on a person's hips and spine
    • Standing improves digestion; The urinary tract drains better and bowel function is improved
    • The body's respiratory and circulatory systems are also improved when in the standing position (Standing Frames, Walking and Standing Equipment; 2018)
    • Improves overall posture
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