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    Surgical Diathermy

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    Product description

    Electrosurge 400D is an advanced Solid-state computerized, completely digital 400 Watts surgical diathermy. Quality, Patient safety and ease of use have been our major focus while developing this product.

    This machine complies with high international safety and quality standards.

    Besides usage in general surgery and endoscopic surgeries Electrosurge 400D can also be used for TUR( Underwater cutting).

    Color coded front panels with digital encoders enables the operator to select or switch desired modes and output power in fraction of seconds.

    All our surgical diathermy comply with international safety standards.

    • Pure Cut– Non-modulated smooth Rf-currents with a frequency of 330 kHz, produce smooth cuts with less elector-hemostatics effect, means fast and better post-operative healing.
    • Coagulation– RF of 330 kHz modulated by 650 kHz to 25 kHz.
    • Blend– Carrier mixture cut and coag currents variable in steps from 0 to 9.
    • Highest Safety Standards – The state of art electronic circuitry continuously monitors disconnection in the Inactive Electrode and gives audible and visual alarms and switches off output instantaneously.
    • Controls – Simple color coded controls enable Surgeons to choose between Foot Switch or Hand Switch and Mono polar (or)Bipolar selection. Also desired output mode and power can be selected in just 2 button touch.
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