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    Transforaminal Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion Cage Bean Cage

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    Product description

      • The implant is inserted unilaterally between the vertebral bodies through a transforminal approach with far lateral access to the neural foramina without neural manipulation.

      • Distraction across the disc space and compression of the cage (on release of distraction) calls for the immediate achievement of biomechanical stability followed by long-term stability from solid bony fusion.

    • The anterior position of the Bean Cage offers a solid bilateral support of the anterior column, providing fusion path by filling both the implant and the anterior space with cancellous bone.

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    Indications Advantages

    • Mechanical instability

    • Low grade spondylolisthesis

    • Spinal stenosis

    • Degenerative disc disease

    • Lumbar Inter Body Fusion

    • Bean-like form ensures a maximized contact area between vertebrae and implant

    • Slim enough to be inserted through the foramen

    • Optimal postoperative control

    • Curved design for bilateral support and easy insertion

    • Has a lordosis angle of 4 °

    • Primary stability is achieved through the toothed surfaces

    • In combination with a posterior fixation device immediate stability of the motion segment is ensured

    • Unilateral steep approach for preservation of the contra lateral joint

    • Easy to insert, due to its wedge shape

    • Prevents endplate damages

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