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    Vacuum Therapy Machine

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    Product description

    VAC 108 is a versatile device which works on the principle of negative pressure. Negative pressure improves blood circulation around the areas of treatment.

    VAC108 can be used for treating Edema.

    VAC 108 suction cups come with electrodes . Thus VAC108 can be used in combination with Vectrodyne, Vectrostim or any other electrotherapy thereby eliminating the need to bandage & wrap electrodes which can restrict blood flow & inhibit muscle contraction. In addition, it has tremendous advantage when treating difficult areas such as shoulders, knees & neck where it is extremely difficult to bandage wrap the conventional rubber electrodes.

    Another advantage of using VAC108 along with electrotherapy is that due to negative pressure the blood flow in the area of application is reduced thus promoting higher depth of penentration of electrotherapy.

    VAC108 also provides pulsing mode which produces a massaging effect for the patient.

    All these unique features makes VAC108 a value addition to physiotherapy clinics.

    Note : The use of vacuum electrode in the region of varicose veins, venous inflammations etc not indicated.

    • COMBINES ELECTROTHERAPY OUTPUT – The Vacuum therapy unit is used together with a stimulation current unit.
    • TWO CHANNEL OUTPUT – Two channel output with total of 4 VAC Cups.
    • VAC CUPS EASY TO FIX – The special electrodes adhere to the skin of the patient by suction and transmit the stimulation current.
    • Regions of the body which are accessible with difficulty using conventional plate electrode and fixation tape can also be treated.
    • SAFER TO USE – Rational and safe, application with vacuum electrodes (no tape,gels, plates or expensive disposable electrodes required).
    • IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW – Increases blood How around the area of the electrodes.
    • MASSAGING EFFECT – Controllable gentle suction effect, for individual adaptation. Also suitable for manual suction wave massage.
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