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    Product description

    Face mask to provide oxygen at flow rates between 1 – 10 LPM. Allows for precise oxygen delivery by utilizing different sized ports to change FiO2 (24 – 50%). Also known as air-entertainment masks able to provide total inspiratory flow at a specified FiO2.

    It delivers oxygen, with a specific concentration from 24% to 50% minimum "
    The kit of the mask includes the tubing, humidity cup, and multiple jets, which are color-coded and indicating the percentage of oxygen.
    FiO2 ranges 24% (4 LPM), 28 % (4 LPM), 31% (6 LPM), 35% (8 LPM), 40% (8 LPM), 50% (10 LPM)
    The mask has an adjustable nose clip and an adjustable strap to ensure the mask can be fitted securely.
    Length of the oxygen tube: 1.5 to 2.1m.
    Material: mask and tubing made from medical grade PVC
    Anti-crush tubing is terminated with a “standard” connector
    Single-use, non-sterile item.
    Adult size.

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