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    Product description

    • Rigid wrap around design provides customized compression and fitting.
    • Anatomical thumb opening provides slight abduction for better comfort of the thumb.
    • Allows full range of motion but prevents wrist dislocation.
    • Ideal for pain due to arthritis, sprain, strain and stiffness.


    About this item :

    • Cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, including the pisiform bone.
    • Provides stability and support to the thumb.
    • Adjustable strap lets you choose the right level of compression.
    • Helps prevent and relieve thumb & wrist pain.
    • Increases comfort and circulation.
    The thumb loop on the wrist wrap can be used to help adjust the tension of the wrist wrap depending on the individual athlete's requirements but by no means is it crucial, most athletes will remove the loop over the thumb once the Wrist Wrap is tight.

    It is recommended to use wrist wraps for your heavy sets and high loads. Don't use them for the whole training session. Give your joints the possibility to get used to pressure, especially when you do your warm-up. Wrist wraps are designed to prevent physical overload.

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